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Rupert Grint Rave Reviews: Underdogs

Rupert Grint’s Rave Reviews for Underdogs

”RUPERT GRINT is Amadeo, the football nut determined to best his old bully, Anthony Head, in an animated family film that’s great fun for young and old.”

fb (1)”Vocal performances hit the woodwork, combining warmth with some shameless grandstanding from Brydon as the egotist, who spends almost as much time admiring his voluminous locks as he does perfecting his passing shots.”
Yorkshire Evening Post

”A cast of mainly British actors including Alex Norton and Rob Brydon maintain viewers’ laughter from start to finish with a broad range of characters and accents, while 3D animation from Sergio Pablos (one of the men behind box-office hit “Despicable Me”) is visually impressive for audiences of all ages.
Overall, “The Unbeatables” is an enjoyable watch, not only for fans of the beautiful game, which harnesses the spirit of the underdog in an entertaining tale.”

”From what I gathered from the producer credits at the start, it’s an Argentinian film and not originally in English, but the cast used for “our” version are very good and the dub is – on the whole – well done. I’m pretty sure a fair few of the jokes have been tweaked for a British audience, which shows a bit of extra thought from the film-makers.
Despite a couple of the lines falling rather flat – jokes that just don’t work – the vast majority is good to excellent with some really sneaky throwaway lines which will tickle the funny bones of football fans. “

”It goes without saying that the English dubbed voice cast is excellent, … “
The Focus Pull

”Foosball set the box office record in Argentina in 2013, and this year it has been translated and adapted for non-Spanish speaking audiences. Rupert Grint, more famously known as Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter series, lends his voice and star power as the lead character.
The film starts slow, and there’s a clunky junkyard scene, but once the ball gets rolling (pun intended), it’s a joy to watch. The comedy bits hit the mark and had us laughing out loud, sometimes even louder than the kids in the audience!”

”What carries the movie are its characters: Amadeo is the charming underdog that you can’t help but cheer for; Laura is the passionate friend who pushes Amadeo to greatness; and Flash is the obnoxious villain who is seemingly unbeatable.”
Spot Philippines

”The voiceovers from Grint and Head are great and seem to really get behind their characters … “
Film Ireland

fb (2)”The main selling point of this movie is Rupert Grint, Ron from the Harry Potter movie series, who voices the lead, Amadeo. However, the plot, story, and character development turn out to be better selling points—a surprise for a roughly one-and-a-half hour flick. Amadeo’s journey into maturity and learning to set his priorities straight is a fun, unconventional ride. What’s more entertaining for adults though, are the puns, jokes, and sarcasm — heavily buttered with low-brow British humor — seen throughout the movie.”
China Business Philippines

“Both Grint and Eve Ponsonby (as the voice of love interest Laura) put a soft edge on all this comedic energy, making for a film that may not be quite as polished as its American counterparts, but still manages to hit the target.”

Radio Times

”The British voice cast (Rob Brydon, Peter Serafinowicz, Alex Norton etc) have been well chosen with Rupert Grint voicing Amadeo, a positive whizz at table football but who’s slightly less accomplished when it comes to tackling life and love.
Told in flashback, The Unbeatables is good fun for young and old alike, delivering its moral lessons and criticism of the beautiful game with a light touch. It is typical summer family fare, but with more of a kick.”

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