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Rupert Grint Rave Reviews: Super Clyde

Rupert Grint’s Rave Reviews for Super Clyde

Its cast is pretty great — particularly Grint, doing a flawless American accent

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Super_Clyde_-_Pilot_003059515But thanks to Grint’s convincing American accent and sad-sack personality, Clyde mostly manages to feel miles away from the actor’s best-known character, and that’s a good thing. Grint proves that Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson aren’t the only ones capable of taking on non-Potter roles. He makes Clyde likable, and with a script as insipid as Super Clyde’s, that’s a pretty impressive feat.

It’d be great to see Grint appear in more roles like Clyde, as long as the material holds up to his talent. Awkward and cute, he’d make for a perfect “nerdy guy gets the pretty girl” romantic comedy lead. He has a face to root for and a charisma to admire, and it’d be nice to see him headline more projects. Super Clyde may have been far from great, but its missteps certainly weren’t Grint’s fault. Here’s hoping he doesn’t let the show’s rejection stop him from pursuing more main roles, because we’d love nothing more than to see the guy behind Ron Weasley become a leading man.


While it may be jarring at first hearing Grint with an American accent, he does a good job and is very likable in the Clyde role;


but Grint is sweet enough to carry the action. (And his American accent isn’t half bad!)

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Super_Clyde_-_Pilot_002020257Rupert Grint. If you weren’t already a Grint fan, Super Clyde will make you one. Carrying a television show is not an easy task, but as the charming, goofy and lovable Clyde, Grint makes it look easy. Fans of his work will know that he has a wonderful sense of comedic timing, and Super Clyde gives him the perfect opportunity to showcase it. He also manages to play the anxious side of a character in such a way that Clyde feel fully realized from the second he appears onscreen. It’s a shame that the show never made it to series, beucase Super Clydewould be a perfect venue for Grint to show that he can be more than just Ron Weasley. Well, that and he’s so adorable that we would have loved to see him on our television screens every week.

The American Accent. Although it slips a bit here and there, Grint is suprisingly capable of doing a convincing American accent. Having someone who is famous for their accent attempt to take on the bland American one favored by Hollywood is always a gamble (look at Rebel Wilson on Super Fun Night), but there’s no doubt that Grint would have been able to carry it throughout the run of the series.

Grint is well cast as Clyde, bringing genuine sincerity to a character that could have easily been very one note. Even though he’s most recognized for his role as Ron Weasley, you don’t really notice it while you’re watching him because Grint is, in my opinion, a very underrated actor. His American accent, by the way, is nearly flawless. There are a few words here and there that sound a bit odd, but Grint pulls it off.

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