Rupert Grint Rave Reviews: Moonwalkers

Rupert Grint’s Rave Reviews for Moonwalkers

“Grint makes for a very personable straight man, teaming up well both with Sheehan, as his drug-addled mate, and Perlman, with whom he gradually forms a begrudging partnership.”


“decent performances from Grint as Jonny, the hapless manager of a terrible rock band”

The Guardian

photo27“But Grint is definitely an affable if hapless leading man, and can count this as another milestone toward putting Harry Potter behind him.”

Vanity Fair

“Despite the winning pairing of Grint and Sheehan, whose mutual idiocy is always more endearing than annoying, this is undoubtedly Perlman’s movie. … He’s the surly, shotgun-toting Monty to Sheehan and Grint’s whimpering Withnail and I.”

Little White Lies

“Grint plays the straight man, while Perlman gets to do some Neeson-like old-man ass-kicking (and also some Roger Sterling-like old man acid-dropping.) The cast is largely full of scene-stealers, most of whom are actors unknown to American audiences, like Robert Sheehan and Eric Lampaert.”

Technology Tell

“Rupert Grint does the exasperated hero thing so well. He is charming and funny without coming off as too clownish.”

Ain’t It Cool News

11031953_1047246135287029_6363454720415360922_o“The role of Jonny is not a heavy one, but the casting of Grint, an actor we’ve seen grow up on film in front of our very eyes, infuses the character with an appeal that may not have been evident in the script. Jonny’s a scumbag, and not a very bright one, as established in his first scene where he books a psychedelic rock band at some kind of “churchy” gathering of flat-topped squares and they’re chased out of the venue with hurled bricks. There’s no darkness to Grint, so Jonny comes across more as a good-natured fool than anything.”

“His wide smile, clear eyes, and lanky presence can hold the screen, and he’s not overshadowed or intimidated by co-stars like Perlman (who’s simply ferocious in Moonwalkers).”

“This is a character that doesn’t seem quite right for Grint from the surface, but he’s actually rather good here. His comedic timing is decent, and his sentimental moment of realization is perhaps the most genuine scene in the film. Hopefully we will get the opportunity to see Grint take on more interesting roles in the future.”

DVD Talk

“Ron Pearlman is hilarious as a grizzled CIA agent, and Rupert Grint provides just as many if not more laughs as a lousy rock band manager.”

Next Projection

“Grint keeps things moving OK enough”

CV Independent

“It is a real pleasure to see Rupert Grint grown up and far away from his work in the HARRY POTTER franchise. As a down-on-his-luck manager, he conveys a ton of vulnerability. Sure Jonny isn’t much of a stand-up guy, but you can’t help but kind of like him. … the chemistry between he (Perlman) and Grint has is a whole lot of fun to watch.”


11891236_1024359380909038_7067275935676363347_n“Grint’s character is stereotypical to a tee, but he plays it with sincerity and the awkward motivation that made him a relative household name from the Harry Potter franchise.”

Cut Print Film

“Rupert Grint earns a few chuckles throughout”


“He fails on the very first point, getting bamboozled by Jonny (a likable Rupert Grint, moving on from the “Harry Potter” series), the manager of a ridiculous rock band, who owes money to a mobster.

“Rupert Grint is good as Jonny, manager of a lame sixties rock band who is deep in debt and running out of options.”

Tuscon Weekly

“Grint proves once more that he isn’t only capable of being Ron Weasley.”

Movies With Mae

“Grint is the perfect blend of determination and despair that forms a lynchpin between Perlman’s laconic menace in the face of gangsters and hippies, Sheehan’s daft dimness about what is happening, and the narcissistic excesses of the non-Kubrick director (Tom Audenaert) they settle on for the project. There is something so tentative and yet so dangerously sincere about Grint’s contained meltdown when he’s confronted by the idea of jellyfish dancing with the astronauts that becomes an apotheosis of the classic straight-man slow burn. He might condense into a pool of weeping jelly, or kill someone.”

Killer Movie Reviews

12028794_1048351931843116_4418404016580597466_o“Mr. Grint and Mr. Perlman both come off credibly”

The New York Times

“Now here’s a pairing I didn’t know I wanted to see until I saw it: Clay Morrow from “Sons of Anarchy” and Ronald Weasley from the “Harry Potter” movies in a trippy 1960s satire in which Stanley Kubrick is recruited to fake the moon landing for the United States government. … it’s still pretty great to see the craggy-faced, boom-voiced Ron Perlman teamed up with the rascally Rupert Grint … featuring terrific performances by Perlman and Grint, a most unlikely and most likable buddy duo.”

Chicago Sun Times

“Grint, running away from Ron Weasley”

Austin Chromicle

“Also delightful are Grint and Perlman, who manage roles that play directly to their strengths, capturing nuances and broadness with equal relish. They’re immense fun to watch. ”

CMWI9CHUYAAOpkn_large“And Grint is amusing to watch in a movie that’s not entrenched in wizardry”

Common Sense Media

“But Perlman accidentally hands the case to bumbling band manager Rupert Grint (the casting is aces all ’round here), and the madcappery commences.”

San Diego Reader

“Meanwhile, Grint channels his inner sleaze as Jonny and plays the character with all the sad desperation … The logline alone is a hoot, while Perlman, Grint and Sheehan excel in their equally disparate roles.”


“Rupert Grint is fantastic as Jonny. His battle with bad luck is a war that lasts his entire life. The character is constantly committing immoral acts, but it’s because he’s trying to dig himself out of a hole he can no longer see the exit to. Grint is perfectly believable, portrays desperation exquisitely, and is accidentally smarmy for all of the right reasons.”


“Rupert Grint and Robert Sheehan hold their own as Johnny and Leon”

Under The Radar

“Rupert Grint is effective as the clumsy Jonny. Grint brings the same buffoonish energy we’ve seen before, but it’s a niche that he executes nicely. Both Pearlman and Grint make a surprisingly satisfying odd couple, creating some of the film’s few laughs.”

The Young Folks

CYst4-aW8AEeUcC“I enjoyed Grint’s work here. Sure, his frantic, down-on-his-luck loser is kind of familiar, but Grint captures the characters’ paranoia and desperation convincingly.”

Keeping It Reel

“Grint is serviceable as a well meaning buffoon, if not exceptional.”

Awards Circuit

“He’s an appealing actor and he manages to hit some good notes”

That Moment In

“Grint, as always, makes a likeable (if not quite on-the-ball) protagonist”

Forces of Geek

“Rupert Grint and Robert Sheehan have excellent comedic timing”

Rama’s Screen

“Despite often lingering over some strange devices, the film manages to cast a charming spell before it’s finished — owing chiefly to the gameness of Perlman and Grint and some surprisingly good, hallucinogenic special effects sequences.”

Metro Source

moonwalkers“Grint is so frantic, he really captures the character of a lovable loser who’s his own worst enemy.”

Dream Eggs Funding Club

“Rupert Grint is a likable guy with some good comedic timing.”


“Grint, who told us over the phone that there were many scenes of ad-libbing, gives one of his best performances. Though the script is all over the place, he shines in his role. … It’s also so refreshing to see Grint shine outside of the franchise that made him famous.”


“Rupert Grint’s amazing talent of playing the idiot with a last chance things sure get hectic and the chemistry between the two characters is something that you rarely get to see.”

Artisan’s Workshop

“Grint, who is best known for playing Harry Potter’s bff Ron Weasley, proves himself as a comic talent.”

Entertainment Voice

“Rupert Grint is perfection as foppish “Nervous Nelly” Jonny, but who actually has a character arc that develops into something with strength and decisiveness.”

Culver City Observer

moonwalkersstill“Grint, in his best role since Harry Potter’s Ron Weasley, is quite good here.”


“Grint still has the charming quality about him and it plays well with this character. I love when he and Perlman share the screen together, very cool.”

Military Press

“Here, Grint plays the role of Jonny, a young lost producer on the lookout for a suitable project for once in his life, to succeed. A role certainly made for the young actor, whose un-imitable expressions have proven once more to be golden. A real pleasure to see the interpreter of Ron Weasley again, who has been relatively quiet since the end of the Harry Potter saga in cinemas. And the less one can say about him, he could not have had a better partner than Ron Pearlman for this film!”

“With Ron Perlman and Rupert Grint (“Harry Potter”) at the top, this pop fantasy will wow the fans of iconoclastic and soft crossover cinema.”

“This was, listen well, without counting on the unexpected interruption of Rupert Grint who embodies a young music producer whose mistake in this mixup will throw the Harry Potter veteran into this top secret adventure. The lies bring other lies and even bigger dangers, considering that at this time, three astronauts are travelling towards the moon.”

“Aside from the classical conflict of generations between the big mysterious muscleman (Ron Perlman) and that of the young lazy and penniless trickster (Rupert Grint), the film places bases for a hilarious and surprising duo. The two actors, who one would never have believed to see together on the screen, match perfectly and give a real additional value to Antoine Bardou-Jacquet’s film. Ron Perlman offers, at 65 years, a new part of his broad scale of acting while Rupert Grint almost makes us forget his past as wizard in Hogwarts. The duo catches the sliding rhythms of certain passages and of the lacking secondary roles.”

Journal du Geek

“At the head of the cast, are two actors wanting to prove themselves: For one, Ron Perlman, qho at the top of his 65 years would not have to count on his friend Guillermo del Toro to offer him a lead role on the big screen, and Rupert Grint, who in contrast to his two former accomplices Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson has not succeeded in creating a post Harry Potter carreer. In their respective roles of quiet CIA agent and luckless art agent, the two comedians deliver absolutely convincing performances and offer an intergenerational shoc to the best buddy-movies.”

“Obviously it is always pleasant to see Ron Perlman (agent Tom Kidman) balancing the fisticuffs of a group of moustached Englishmen in the bathrooms of an old pub, before putting on a flowery shirt to replace the one covered in blood. It is just as amusing to see Rupert Sheehan (Léon, the fake Kubrick) playing junkies, being hit along the journey and being scared of the idea of acting es the director of the pedo-film Lolita. And one is not against seeing Rupert Grint (Jonny, the loser manager of this con) mistreated in all parts of this affair, and in constant panic.”

Le Blog du Cinema

ob_f18243_moon“After having played the little-gifted wizard in the Harry Potter saga, and the apprentice of a professional killer in Wild Target, Rupert Grint finds himself again in the role of a loser, with the character Jonny. The comedy sits particulary well with Rupert Grint who is also funny without wanting to because of his many mistakes.”

“This is how our curiosity was tickled and we can say that the ensemble alone is very interesting. But what is Moonwalkers worth? It is a successful bet. Picking up a theory (which has never been denied) which takes place in the United States like the biggest manipulative power, cross it with an English-American duo, Grint-Perlman, and it works completely well. Also, the duo in question is just as unlikely as good. Rupert Grint is perfectly in tune with the time and even a good actor, and it’s a pleasure to see him on screen (compared to his two other Harry Potter companions, he is the least public).”

Planete Cinephile

“Rupert Grint opposite Ron Perlman, put on paper like that, the story had something unlikely and from the first minutes after their meeting, it continues to, but very quickly the story lifts up to allow a perfect comedic timing. Not the genre of those whom one would find in such a basic buddy movie. No, something hybrid with a French sensibility, but a sense of direction totally British. It is otherwise the most astonishing in the best sense, Moonwalkers has a real soul, I hear that the film never tries to copy or imitate anything, there is no need for more than a few minutes to let yourself be taken away of to ask yourself questions.
Rupert Grint, far removed from Harry Potter, continues however to drag around with his young head that does not age over the course of this unlikely adventure. The filming is the most important of the history of Moonwalkers, it is but sure, but the deep pleasure that develops holds in the sense that the director does not stop to keep the goal as far away as possible from the story’s heroes as possible. Could this have happened? Maybe, and that’s the amusing thing of the ensemble, under the cover of a crazy comedy, Antoine Bardou-Jacquet introduces the doubt over this little sentence so heavy in the sense “and if?”, the subject is golden and offers him the means to construct an absolutely crazy story, but that does not lose the cord of his scheme.”

Le Journal des Sorties

“Rupert Grint here plays the role of a manager of a rock band whom he makes good promises to, but who never succeeds in anything but making plans for catastrophic concerts. Always without money, he is always obliged to fiddle around, but this time there are big problems with a local sponsor/guardian. The opportunity to trick a CIA agent is hence the ideal opportunity to solve his debts aside from not amusing with Tom Kidman, one of the best CIA agents traumatised by his time in Vietnam and capable of uncontrollable violent crisis.”

“Rupert Grint, the Ron Weasley of the Harry Potter film saga, shows that he is very comfortable within comedy and delivers a composition that is at once hilarious and touching.”

Unification France

photo04“Rupert Grint carries wonderfully a shirt with flowers and cake server collar, and here finds his best role since he has left Hogwarts.”

“Across from Ron Perlman perfect as grumpy crock, we find Rupert Grint better known for his role as Ron in the octalogy Harry Potter. And one has to recognise that the marriage of the two comedians is a success.”

Les Chroniques de Cliffhanger

“It is obvious that the humour is extremely present in this film, all that because of the charm of Rupert Grint, the coldness of Ron Perlman (always just as bad as usual) and obviously due to the craziness and excentricity of Robert Sheehan (Misfits). One laughs a lot about their adventures, their helplessness and their exchanges. The trio is extremely good and super convincing.”

“Jonny (Rupert Grint) is roughly a grown up Ron Weasley. But it is a Ron Weasley who is not as clumsy and heroic, but rather a chronic unlucky. He is acting with so incompetent and as a loser that he in amazing. He is clumsy and still finds himself in a situation he has to manage .He has a good development and is captivating.”

RealCosmicm Blogspot

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