It’s Only A Play

Rupert Grint Rave Reviews: It’s Only A Play

Rupert Grint’s Rave Reviews for It’s Only A Play

“The rest of the cast — including a really remarkable Broadway debut by Stock in a company of powerful stars — is superb, all hysterical at first and then revealing deeper desires as the play continues.”

Denver Post

ioap (3)“this young thesp has grown up since his Harry Potter days, and he certainly looks eccentric in his cheeky Carnaby Street costume.”


” Grint — all spiked red hair and raccoon eyes — is perfectly bratty as the British directing genius”


“Also going along giddily is Rupert Grint, the one-time “Harry Potter” actor, as the wunderkind director who just once would really love … a flop. Grint makes a hilarious un-Ron Weasley-like entrance, and then tears through the rest of the production behaving like a cross between Billie Joe Armstrong and Richard Branson.”

NBC New York

” quirky wunderkind director Frank Finger (a vigorous Rupert Grint);”

NY Daily News

“Rupert Grint—looking like a ginger Eddie Izzard with his guyliner, mousse-spiked hair, and mod suit—plays the wunderkind British director with foot-stomping hyperactivity.”

Entertainment Weekly

ioap (2)“Frank Finger (Grint, impish and wild-eyed), the enfant terrible director yearning for someone to finally call bullshit on his body of work;”


“and it’s nice to report that this revival offers not one, but two, spectacular Broadway debuts: “Harry Potters’” Rupert Grint portrays a manically childish British director”

The Wrap

“Other valuable players include Stockard Channing as a pill-popping, paroled actress and Rupert Grint as a sulking, overpraised British director.”

USA Today

“Despite being surrounded by celebrated stage actors, the performance the surprised me the most was that of Rupert Grint. Admittedly, I gave up on the Harry Potter movies somewhere around the fourth installment, but I was under the mistaken impression that Rupert Grint had quietly disappeared after the films ended. Thank god I was wrong. Stumbling onto stage in a shiny suit reminiscent of something Paul McCartney would have worn as a member of the Beatles (and rocking tussled ginger locks of hair), it took me a full three minutes to recognize that the raving lunatic on stage was none other than the former Mr. Ron Weasley. Rupert Grint was good. He was VERY good and an incredibly solid actor.”

My Entertainment World

ioap (5)“Channing, Abraham and Grint are also just right. Their characters might be farce-like, but they never lose touch with reality.”

“Rupert Grint of “Harry Potter” fame makes a terrific Broadway debut as the bad boy British director.”

Showbiz 411

“In his Broadway debut, the 26-year-old Grint (Ron Weasley of the “Harry Potter” series), comes on like a fireball as the masochistic British director, a darling of the critics.”


“Rupert Grint is effectively gruff as a nasty British director”

Theater Life

“Rupert Grint seems to be having lots of fun modeling his stage director after the British bad boy characters Malcolm McDowell played so well in movies in the 1970s. ”

Bobby Rivers TV

ioap (4)“it’s Rupert Grint (Harry Potter) playing the opening night Director, who has never been panned by critics, that gives the most colorful performance.”

The Examiner

“Grint, it must be said, is made to look like a stand-in for Beetlejuice. His character is intense, insane and a kleptomaniac. The red head most known as Harry’s sidekick Ron Weasley is making his Broadway debut — and in his first scene he drops his pants. Magical.”

“The cherry on the cake is Rupert Grint, playing the insane director. This role definitely moved him past Harry Potter. Also, who doesn’t love a great Broadway debut?”

Michael Kors for

“Frank Finger (Grint) is the boy genius director who is lauded by critics, but plagued by his own insecurities. Grint makes a flamboyant and impressive Broadway debut among this predominantly seasoned troupe.”
Manhattan Digest

“In their Broadway debuts, Stock and Grint hint at outstanding stage careers to come. […] Grint is even more a discovery. Though known by countless millions as Ron from the Harry Potter movies, he’s completely unrecognizable here in some of Ann Roth’s most outlandish costumes and behind a wall of makeup and hair product, but also crafts a truly compelling figure who’s believable at drawing his ideas from his outrageous bad judgment rather than genuine inspiration, and nails each of Frank’s myriad, self-flagellating sight gags.”
Talkin’ Broadway

“The two other major standouts of the night were newcomer Micah Stock and Rupert Grint…
Rupert Grint has shed the persona of Ron Weasley with his Broadway debut role. His work in the Harry Potter franchise may follow him forever however, for the two hours he is on stage as the brilliant and quirky director Frank Finger, audience members forget that he was ever Ron Weasley. Like Stock’s performance, he commands the stage with subtle quips and humorous body language. Grint leaves it all on the stage as he leaps, lands and laughs his way around. He assumes the role effortlessly and brings a kind of humor to the play that the other actors lack.”
Emertainment Monthly

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