About Rupert Grint Rave Reviews

Rave Reviews wasn’t something I thought of on my own. A staffer at the time, Jesi, gave me the idea. She said that it’d be great to have all his reviews in one place. I had to agree. With the lack of media attention to such a talented actor made me believe that having all his reviews in one place was proof enough that he deserved more attention than he got. It was also a way to prove to those doubting his ability because of his decreasing screen time in some of the HP movies. Even while he was given less, it was a way to prove that critics will paid attention to him.

While Rave Reviews started sometime after Prisoner of Azkaban came out I, as well as many others who deserve so much credit for getting early reviews of Sorcerer’s Stone, Chamber of Secrets and Thunderpants compiled, scoured the internet for every review we could find. As a result Rave Reviews is one of the biggest collection of reviews on the internet, not just for Rupert, but pretty much any actor. It’s one of the many areas of the site that I’m especially proud of.

“I’ve got a bit of an inferiority complex about my acting. My self-esteem is quite low in that sense.” (Rupert Grint, 2009)

When this quote came out I was more determined than ever to make sure Rave Reviews is as spectacular as I can make it. This part of the site will be one to flourish as Rupert adventures out of the comfort zone of acting in Harry Potter in proving himself to be the amazing actor he is.

“Film critics should stick to critiquing an actor’s performance: some of them are far too obsessed with the superficial – with people’s appearance – and there’s nothing worse than a critic being bitchy. Some can be really unkind, and it’s just not fun to read, especially if it’s you they’re writing about. Even if you have 10 really good reviews, it’s the one bad one that sticks in your mind. (Rupert Grint, 2009)

This quote is one of the reasons that we include only the best critic comments that stick to actually critiquing the acting instead of what someone looks like. Even though Rupert tends to have so many positive critiques of his acting, there were a few that would stick out that would focus on him as a person rather than him as an actor. And yet still, even some of the most positive would mention his looks and whatnot, even if positive. While those are still included since they are positive, we try to shy away from as many that only focus on him as a person rather than the terrific actor that he is.

Over the past few years, Rave Reviews has grown into a collection of more than 1000 reviews, those for Half-Blood Prince even requiring us to split them over two pages. With Rupert’s post-Harry-Potter career just having started, I am certain it will grow even more in the future.

Tao, webmistress